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Monday, July 25, 2011

GREEK Easter table (traditionally.)

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Lamb On The Spit.
Roasting lamb from the tail and push to get the spit from the center of the head.
Season to taste the lamb from the inner side. You can put oil on hand minimum (or a kitchen brush) and the lamb smeared outside to hang onto the lamb with salt. Then salt and pepper and externally at the back, neck, feet.
The sew the opening with a needle with a thread or wire minute. This is not to run the suet in cooking, otherwise it could stay and open.
The twinge and alatopiperoma made by the previous night.
On Easter Sunday morning preparing the fire. You make a pit of coals in the length of the Lamb.
The fire must be very low. To cook the lamb wants 2-3 hours depending on the heat you have. The authority wants quick turn, helps to prevent "grab" the lamb that is not burned.
Cooking the lamb wants patience. Do not rush to cook, wants to put up high and low fire. If you put low (near the fire) will cook faster but can burn.
Important role in salt taste plays and how you put (depending on how salty you want it).

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