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Monday, March 28, 2011

Soup (traditional Easter recipe GREEK)

Tripe in an Italian marketImage via Wikipedia

For the table of the Resurrection
4 people
1 pluck
GUT tripe, legs of lamb
1 cup. spring onions, fin ely chopped
1 cup. several herbs such as parsley, mint, fresh oregano, fennel
1 cup. tomato juice
2 eggs
juice of 1 lemon
Clean and wash very well the pluck and any other piece of lamb chose. Wash thoroughly and Gut, turning it inside out. Put them all and Blanch and then throw the water. Chop and place in fresh water to a boil.
In a skillet saute the onionsand smells and add the tomato. Let it boil a little.
When the meat will cook well, add the sauce smells (water that exists in the pot should not be much. If we remove as much needed).
Let all boil together for a while and just be ready, Cut them egg soup.
serve immediately
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WALNUT[turns the page on the diet ...]eat MEDITERRANEAN!

The time-course of an immune response begins w...Image via Wikipedia

These nuts are full of nutrients
Nuts contain glutathione, an important antioxidant.
which helps the development of lymphocytes in the immune system

is rich in alpha-linoleic acid which helps reduce cholesterol levels
and boosting heart health. While vitamin B containing produce energy and improve brain function. The level of vitamin E helps maintain skin health.
FOLIC ACID, IRON, CALCIUM, ZINC-selenium, glutathione,Omega-6-omega-9

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Parmigiano reggiano 9Image via Wikipedia

500gr.makaronia No3 cooked
For minced
500g minced beef
3 large onions
1k.s. paste
3 tomatoes
1k.g. cinnamon
freshly ground pepper
For the sauce
1 liter of fresh milk
50g butter
100g flour
freshly ground pepper
1 egg yolk
Crumbs mizithra [If not you have a non parmesan PUT]
cooking instructions
Boil the macaroni and pour into a pie pan add one tablespoon butter.
In skillet lightly brown onion and meat and then add all ingredients with half a glass of water and simmer for 25 minutes no.
In a pot, pour in half a glass of milk and keeping the heat with butter.
The glass of cold milk, add the flour and stir to melt.
When heated through pour the flour with milk in a saucepan stirring continuously.
Add salt, pepper and fresh nutmeg.
Once the clot cool and at the end add the egg and 250 grams. mizithra. [the parmesan cheese.]
Add the cheese and meat and mix well with pasta. Finally add the bechamel to pour over.
The poured well and sprinkle with extra cheese.
Bake at 180 degrees in opposition for 30 minutes ... and voualaa!
Bon Appétit

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Crocus banaticusImage via Wikipedia

Beneficial effect on people suffering from depression but also from dementia or Alzheimer's
seems to have a non-toxic natural product, the Crocus, according to the results of scientific investigations carried out in Iran and GREECE

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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Around 200 varieties of Peruvian potatoes were...Image via WikipediaApples[These wonderful fruit have won a legitimate rumor that keeps the doctor
off when you eat one a day. We help you burn fat, raise the blood sugars in a safe and gentle way, and maintain TOP more than any other food.
result is to make you feel the grass longer time.
a medium size apple gives 81 calories and contains no sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol.
An additional benefit for health is to reduce the existing level of cholesterol, and blood pressure.
MUSTARD[Just as caffeine and ephedrine drug substance, mustard speed metabolism.
The difference is that the mustard is safe and natural.!!!
can be used every day and actually have results ..!!
Speed metabolism by 20-25% for several hours!!
POTATOES[These beautiful gifts of nature is rich in fiber and potassium.
reduces cholesterol and protect against heart attacks and other heart disease.
COURSE great importance is the way cooked.!!
FORGETgarnish with butter, milk, or cream.

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