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Saturday, February 5, 2011

how to make Kalamata olives [hacked].

Olive oil with Balsamic VinegarImage via WikipediaIngredients

olive oil.[prefer the extra virgin olive oil Kalamata]

Establish the olives, I engrave the two sides.
Put them in a pan with water to get the bitterness out.
The 15 days leave, and change the water daily.
When you try an olive and not embittered, the strain and put them in brine with vinegar inside.
We can leave it there and remove as many want in small portions and put them in oil, vinegar have to eat.
A few more tips

If you want to add the oil and oregano, bay leaves, there will be more aromatic
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  1. καταπληκτικες! φοβερη συνταγη που την ανακαλυψες;