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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elixirs of Minerals welfare.

Organic vegetables for sale at cafeImage by Sanctu via Flickrca[calcium]

Located in the Parmesan, Emmental, milk, yogurt, green vegetables, seafood, nuts, water.

Participates in building bone mass, preventing osteoporosis, regulating blood clotting and is essential for strong bones and teeth but also for the proper functioning of the teeth.

In lentils, cabbage, whole wheat bread, nuts, bananas, tuna, sardines, meat, milk, cereal, fruit.

Controls the content of the cells in water, regulates the functioning of the nervous system, muscle contractions, the heart rate.

Goose meat, red meat, offal, sausages, soybeans, cocoa, legumes, egg yolk, green vegetables, cereals, nuts.

Participates in the formation of hemoglobin oxygenation in the cells, the balance of metabolism is essential for energy production.

Lemon, apple, soy, whole grains, green vegetables, lentils, shellfish, cocoa, chocolate, almond, meat, dairy.

It regulates the functioning of cells, helps in the formation of antibodies and marrow. Used to produce energy and helps reduce stress.
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